Simulation Ripple Tank

In a ripple tank sources are emitting circular waves. These waves intefere with each other. The maxima and minima of the resulting itensity is displayed by colors of gray with white representing no itensity and black representing a maximal itensity).

To add an emitter to the ripple tank, click onto "Add Source". To hide or show an emitter click onto "Show Sources" or "Hide Sources". Please remember that all emitters in the ripple tank are in phase.

  • This Applet is "scriptable". This means that it can be configured and controled by using JavaScript methods inside the embedding web page. More information about scripting can be found in the file scripting.html.

    The following methods are available:

    starts simulation/animation

    stops simulation/animation

    jsAddSource(x, y)
    adds a source at the coordinates x and y, valid values are between 0 and 199.

    deletes the source with index n. Numeration begins at 0 and is in order of adding.

    shows the sources symolized by a small red circle.

    suppresses display of the sources.

    makes user interface elements visible or invisible:

      state = "yes": make user interface element visible
      state = "no": make user interface element invisible

      element = "Start": button to start/stop the simulation
      element = "AddButton": button to add sources
      element = "DeleteButton": button to select a source to delete
      element = "ShowButton": button to show / hide the sources from screen